Gorgeous Garnets

If you’re looking for a gorgeous piece of wedding jewelry that’s inexpensive too, then why not take a look at the wide range of garnet jewelry that’s available.

This beautiful deep red gemstone – which takes its name from the Old French word grenat, meaning dark red, originating from the words pome grenate or pomegranate – is also available in other colors – including green and mandarin – so when you’re shopping for your bridal jewelry don’t forget to check out the colors of garnet too.

Incidentally, did you know that the garnet is the birthstone for January, and believed, by some, to be a good talisman.  And the gift of a garnet is thought to be a symbol of love, that ensures a traveler a safe return to the giver.

Also, that Noah is said to have had a garnet lantern to help guide him through the dark of night.