Blue Bridesmaid Jewelry: Topaz

If you’re wondering what to buy as a thank you gift for your bridal attendant(s), blue topaz jewelry would make a lovely present.  And blue bridesmaid jewelry would be an especially appropriate gift if the color of your bridesmaids dresses is blue.

Topaz is available in some beautiful blue shades – some of which have names like Sky, Swiss, and London blue – it’s also an affordable gemstone.

There’s also some beautiful blue crystal jewelry, and cubic zirconia jewelry, available, so when you shop don’t forget to consider these options too.

Incidentally, other colors of topaz include, white, pink, green, yellow, and mystic, however, some of  these gemstones can be expensive.

Also, did you know that yellow topaz is the birthstone for November, and is said to encourage the qualities of self-expression, and wisdom.