Bridesmaid Gifts

Pink Jewelry

Pretty in pink – from pale pink to fuchsia and hot pink, pink is a stunning and popular color for a bridesmaid’s dress.   So if pink is your chosen wedding color, why not (more…)

Beach Wedding Jewelry Gifts

If you’re planning to marry on the beach, and you’re looking for a special thank you gift for a bridesmaid or flowergirl, you can buy some really lovely pieces of beach themed jewelry, that would be just perfect for the occasion.

Here’s a few suggestions
Seahorse pendant, earrings, charm or (more…)

Ruby Gemstone Gifts

Did you know that July’s birthstone is a Ruby?

Rubies are beautiful gemstones and, as well as making a thoughtful gift for someone born in July, they can look stunning when worn by a bride.

Bridesmaids too are sure to (more…)

7 Favorite Gifts for Flower Girls

Choosing the perfect thank-you gift for a little girl of between 4 and 8 isn’t always easy.

So, with this in mind, here’s a list of seven of the most (more…)

Affordable Bridesmaids Gift Idea

There’s some really lovely trinket boxes available online at the moment, they’re affordably priced too!

Trinket boxes are a great place to keep a few pieces of special jewelry or tiny (more…)

Amethyst Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids

Amethyst jewelry makes a sweet gift for a bridesmaid especially if she’s wearing a mauve dress or (more…)